About us and why you should visit The Piceno

Buongiorno, I’m Luca Vitagliano, president of ItalyMarcheTour, and an enthusiastic member of  The Piceno Social Promotion Association (A.P.S.).

We established our association tour company this year (2019) to help guide those who want to know more about our beautiful territory, The Piceno.


Employees of ItalyMarcheTour and those we work with to provide our services, are all residents of The Piceno.


As you will note on a map of Italy, the region of Le Marche and within it the Piceno Territory, are on the Adriactic (east) side of Italy and three and a half hours from Rome by car or bus, so we are off the “beaten path.” We think that this fact makes our territory a great place to discover and believe that it lets you experience “the authentic Italy”.


Our territory is famous for its towns like Ascoli Piceno and San Benedetto del Tronto, and also for its beautiful hill towns like Offida and Ripatrasone, where you will encounter centuries of history, art, and nature. You will be able to enjoy firsthand the amazing food traditions and famous territory wines such as Rosso Piceno, Passerina, and the recently rediscovered Pecorino.

We’ll be proud to show you our stunning views, from the Adriatic in the east to the Sibillini Mountains, 50 kilometers to the west.


But words alone cannot do justice to our wonderful territory, so I have included several photos that I’ve taken of The Piceno. We hope they will make you say, “When do we leave to go visit the beautiful Piceno Territory.”

That’s the best way to experience our area come here and see for yourself the towns, the mountains, the cultivated hills, and the sea.


BIKE GUIDE: Luca Vitagliano | +39 371 34 66 900

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